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23 Mar Unleash Your Roketsu Indigo Dyeing Art Designs!

There are various indigo dyeing courses and workshops in Japan as well. You can add to your schedule as an activity you will have a nice day off to Japan one day. The name of the workshop we will talk about is Roketsu Dye. The studio where this technique is applied is Roket Dyeing Studio.

Speaking of Roketsu, it is a traditional dyeing method of the Japanese city of Kyoto. It is used for shading indigo dye with very old techniques and candles. These shadows form the design after a while.

You will feel the whole process as you will use your hands throughout the whole process, at the same time you will also have a meditation event for you. You do not have to be a local artist to create beautiful looking gift items through Roketsu Dyeing Art, which has more than 50 years of experience. You can prepare a handkerchief, a t-shirt or a Japanese doll. You can choose from many different design templates for gifts or you can make your own design. Indigo Istanbul collections we work with various modern design techniques and design-focused, we create our collections with this goal.

Let’s go to the Roketsu dyeing process … In the first step, apply hot wax through a brush on the template fabric. If the fabric was cold, it’s time to dye! Protective gloves will be given in order to mix your fabric in a piece of natural indigo dye and at the same time not to affect your hands. Lastly, the ironing of the fabric!

When to go: Roketsu Dyeing can be visited year round.