The blog is dedicated to everything there is to know about indigo, including the latest styles from streets, trends, lookbooks, brand introductions and so much more.... We are a team of indigo lovers from Istanbul aiming to share the world of indigo with you! It's also Indigo Istanbul's blog! Indigo Istanbul keeps on shedding a different light on indigo, the substance often referred to as “blue gold” due to its great commercial value, which still symbolizes the dynamism of the youth though used by the mankind since the time immemorial. Creating authentic collections under “it is all about indigo” motto, Indigo Istanbul challenges the ‘status quo’ by breaking indigo’s conventional use patterns down to present brand new collections since 2010. We hope you enjoy our posts and don't forget to subscribe to our blog or follow us on facebook, instagram and linkedin!

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indigo kimono
Indigo Kimonos
Japan is one of Indigo’s countries of origin, and the indigo dye has played an essential role in Japans textile and garment tradition.
Blue Blue Munich
Munich, the capital of Germany’s federal state of Bavaria, is by nature not far from the color ‘blue’ – it’s not only the blue sky with the fleecy clouds that are famous for Munich and are reflected in the blue-white Bavarian flag. It’s also the blue water playing an essential role in Munich: there is the river Eisbach which is world-famous for being a fantastic surf spot right in the center of the city or the river Isar welcoming people for swimming and relaxing with its clean water coming right from the mountains!
denim jacket
Denim Jackets – The Season is Starting
The summer evenings are getting fresh and autumn is approaching… that’s when the denim jacket seasons starts. An all-round classic that shouldn’t be missing in any wardrobe!
The Best Vintage Shops of Istanbul!
Istanbul is a city full of vintage boutiques, one more beautiful than the other, on both, the European and the Asian side! Istanbul is always leading us to the old things…
Turkish Kilim Rugs go Indigo!
Kilim, a flat woven traditional Turkish rug is a highly regarded folk art in Turkey as well as other countries. Colors and designs vary according to the region they come from.
denim skirts
Denim Skirt – a Jean Summer Classic
The weather is becoming hot and we start to look for a good alternative to the favorite pair of jeans which is with its thick denim textile definitely not suitable for hot days.
Originals Collection – Authentic, Fashionable, Original
Originals is Indigo Istanbul’s denim collection. Like in all other collections, its denim fabrics consist of specially designed textiles ranging from the most original, authentic looks of denim to the most fashionable looks.
Bleu de Cocagne – Presenting the Stunning Shades of Indigo
We have reported earlier from the beautiful indigofera plant, the source of indigo dye and noted that it can hardly be found in the indigo and denim industry nowadays since synthetic dye has replaced the natural one based on indigofera. Some small labels and artists are still using it and we now came across the usage of woad, another natural blue dye…