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Unleash Your Roketsu Indigo Dyeing Art Designs!
There are various indigo dyeing courses and workshops in Japan as well. You can add to your schedule as an activity you will have a nice day off to Japan one day. The name of the workshop we will talk about is Roketsu Dye. The studio where this technique is applied is Roket Dyeing Studio.
Indigo and Indigo Dyeing Techniques Brief History And Higeta Indigo House
At the present time Indigo dyeing techniques developed with technology but these techniques history based on mummies techniques and plant in Eqpyte. In addition of these America, Asia and Africa indigenous cultures have bequeathed to us natural dyeing techniques like indigo and hand-woven textiles. The oldest natural indigo dyeing techniques were discovered 6000 years ago at the Peru, behind Andes mountains by Anthropologists. Japan indigo dyeing technique - ai-zome- has been using since 8th century by people.
We Exhibited in Munich Fabric Start Bluezone Spring-Summer’2018!
About Munich Fabric Start At Munich Fabric Start, 37 countries and about 950 suppliers which are renowned fabric and accessories manufacturer presentes own portfolio and new seasons’ collection about 1500 products. The world famous organization which is Munich Fabric Start in its industry, are visited about 20.000 visitors per a day. These visitors are the most influential retailers and fashion brands, buyers and designers at this market place.
Indigo Textile Sculptures by Norwegian Artist Hanne Friis
The world of indigo textile art is rich and versatile. We’ve reported earlier about Japanese Artists working with indigo like Hiroyuki Shindo. This time we want to take a look at a European modern artist that impresses with her breath taking textile sculptures!
Hiroyuki Shindo Showing us the Breathtaking Beauty of Indigo Textiles
“Indigo has a universal appeal and a history of being used in textiles as a mystical color.” Hiroyuki Shindo, one of the world’s pre-eminent indigo artists, is bringing new life into this ancient craft, using venerable techniques to produce his fascinating contemporary indigo works.
indigo kimono
Indigo Kimonos
Japan is one of Indigo’s countries of origin, and the indigo dye has played an essential role in Japans textile and garment tradition.
Bleu de Cocagne – Presenting the Stunning Shades of Indigo
We have reported earlier from the beautiful indigofera plant, the source of indigo dye and noted that it can hardly be found in the indigo and denim industry nowadays since synthetic dye has replaced the natural one based on indigofera. Some small labels and artists are still using it and we now came across the usage of woad, another natural blue dye…
Indigofera – the Source of Indigo’s Beauty
„Indigo“ let’s us think of the dark color between blue and violet, of the blue dye, or even of indigo fabrics. But where the name Indigo actually comes from is indigofera, its plant.
Indigo DIY
The awareness for the value of handcrafted high-quality products is gradually rising, consumers attach importance to knowing the contents of a product or where and under which conditions it is produced.