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Indigo Istanbul's Original Collecstiond Denim Jackets

01 Mar Boyfriend Denim Jackets are Fashion Trends in Magic Fall 2017

Both sector and trade are the most interested in oversized jackets.

For now, you should say to goodbye your shrunken clothes.

During UBM Fashion Magic which show is for trade, brands presented all of things about oversize, but jean jackets are the most important part is the show. Several season trends are compatible with boyfriend trendy, slouchy, more aggressively distressed and denim jackets diffuse fresh and tomboy tone.

Magic Fall 2017 fashion showed to us various features embroideried details on the back. Distressed details too much popular. In the coming days, prepare to fight for taking boyfriend jacket from your boyfriend. Neon Blonde and Siwy include extreme rip, distressed, minimal edge versions. The more rip is better.

Distressed and embroideried line tones hold down all of Magic Fall 2017. Nearly, any brand no matter how modern, they didn’t present to all of collection showy or businness casual view. Anymore, Millennial has chosen office-out working and less traditional environment.In this context, jean jackets changes reasonable choosing.

Alexander Wangc, 3.1 Philip Lim, Topshop Unique ve Chanel Spring 2017 collections were showed, this styles are momented for far. Social champion modells are Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid, reworked Nineties staples, they often daily using put on their shoulders, even using jeans, they use denim on denim style and had better view.

Of course fashion bloggers follow daily agenda, fastly. Boyfriend denim jackets showed up at Natalie Suarez’s called Natalie off Duty Instagram feed, Julie Sariñana of Sincerely Jules and Nicolette Mason blogs. They gave this style to all their snaps.

Customer’s demands are solved with unseasonable styling association. Therefore, Millennial nostalgia jeackets had to remove spotlight. What is the more? Brands prepare to show up to proper climate change. This meaning, prepare to pieces of lining and trotter folding fashion.

As Indigo Istanbul, you can see in our collection this trends, too. Big rips, distressed fabrics, rebel lines, embroidery applications etc. You can see our products from Originals Collections.