The blog is dedicated to everything there is to know about indigo, including the latest styles from streets, trends, lookbooks, brand introductions and so much more.... We are a team of indigo lovers from Istanbul aiming to share the world of indigo with you! It's also Indigo Istanbul's blog! Indigo Istanbul keeps on shedding a different light on indigo, the substance often referred to as “blue gold” due to its great commercial value, which still symbolizes the dynamism of the youth though used by the mankind since the time immemorial. Creating authentic collections under “it is all about indigo” motto, Indigo Istanbul challenges the ‘status quo’ by breaking indigo’s conventional use patterns down to present brand new collections since 2010. We hope you enjoy our posts and don't forget to subscribe to our blog or follow us on facebook, instagram and linkedin!

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Unleash Your Roketsu Indigo Dyeing Art Designs!
There are various indigo dyeing courses and workshops in Japan as well. You can add to your schedule as an activity you will have a nice day off to Japan one day. The name of the workshop we will talk about is Roketsu Dye. The studio where this technique is applied is Roket Dyeing Studio.
Istanbul’s Historical Reflection: Basilica Cistern
We would like to invite you this week to a voyage fulfilled with indigo tones. Indigo in calm water, indigo in reflections. Let indigo embraces you with its lights of the darkness descending city.
Street Style Indigo For All Days
We inspired from celebrities’ street style and we present you the 2017’s best new season denim combines that you'll wear from now until forever. You’ll be surrounded with indigo from closet-transforming jackets to jeans you'll live in, so let’s start to the secret notes of indigo…
Indigo and Indigo Dyeing Techniques Brief History And Higeta Indigo House
At the present time Indigo dyeing techniques developed with technology but these techniques history based on mummies techniques and plant in Eqpyte. In addition of these America, Asia and Africa indigenous cultures have bequeathed to us natural dyeing techniques like indigo and hand-woven textiles. The oldest natural indigo dyeing techniques were discovered 6000 years ago at the Peru, behind Andes mountains by Anthropologists. Japan indigo dyeing technique - ai-zome- has been using since 8th century by people.
We Exhibited in Munich Fabric Start Bluezone Spring-Summer’2018!
About Munich Fabric Start At Munich Fabric Start, 37 countries and about 950 suppliers which are renowned fabric and accessories manufacturer presentes own portfolio and new seasons’ collection about 1500 products. The world famous organization which is Munich Fabric Start in its industry, are visited about 20.000 visitors per a day. These visitors are the most influential retailers and fashion brands, buyers and designers at this market place.
Indigo Textile Sculptures by Norwegian Artist Hanne Friis
The world of indigo textile art is rich and versatile. We’ve reported earlier about Japanese Artists working with indigo like Hiroyuki Shindo. This time we want to take a look at a European modern artist that impresses with her breath taking textile sculptures!
Blanked Lined Denim
Blanket Lined Denim – Warmth and Color for Your Winter Day!
It’s the hidden details that add the certain something to our garment, surprising us with a beautiful feature. Looking like a standard denim jacket from the outside, the blanket linings are the hidden warmth dispensers adding not only comfy warmth but also various color to grey winter days!
weaving shibusa
Weaving Shibusa – A Documentary Telling the Story of Japanese Denim
It’s hard to determine if we are making arts or clothes” tells the Japanese craftsman in the film and this is also the impression the viewer gets while watching.
  Weaving Shibusa is a fascinating documentary, directed by Devin Leisher, that tells the story of Japanese denim through the eyes and experiences of the people that made Japanese denim what it is today: a synonym of quality, love for detail and finest craftsmanship. Experts like Osaka 5 or The Flat Head are giving us access to the denim industry in Japan and the stories behind it and take us to the most acclaimed denim spots across the country.
Kingpins Amsterdam 2016
A Review of Kingpins Amsterdam 2016
Two days of indigo, denim, inspiration, innovation, trends, exchange with denim experts, interesting seminars and much more have passed by. We are looking back on a fantastic varied Kingpins fair in Amsterdam!
Bad Opera – the Fall/Winter ‘16 Lookbook of the Japanese Brand Kapital
In search of exceptional garments in the denim world, the path leads us to the Japanese brand Kapital. Loved for its innovative and oftentimes rebellious approach to traditional Americans, the brand never fails to surprise its fans with each new collection. Combining heritage-manufacturing styles borrowed from classic American workwear with traditional Japanese dyeing and weaving techniques, Kapital infuses tradition with new meaning, making it a highly inspirational brand.
Autumn Indigo and Denim Styles
The days are getting shorter, the sun less strong and autumn is approaching! The good news about it: it’s time again to catch your favorite pair of jeans which will keep you warm on fresh autumn evenings.
Hiroyuki Shindo Showing us the Breathtaking Beauty of Indigo Textiles
“Indigo has a universal appeal and a history of being used in textiles as a mystical color.” Hiroyuki Shindo, one of the world’s pre-eminent indigo artists, is bringing new life into this ancient craft, using venerable techniques to produce his fascinating contemporary indigo works.